What Clients Can Expect

I believe that as an attorney, I provide a personal service to my clients.  I also believe that my duty as a Criminal Defense lawyer is to make certain that my clients receive the best defense possible under the circumstances. This includes the following:

  • You are entitled to have all of your rights asserted.
  • You are entitled to have all of the evidence challenged, by whatever meritorious motion or method is available under the law.
  • You are entitled to know what is being said about you.

To achieve this goal, I do the following:

  • I provide you with copies of all of the reports about all of the evidence against you so that we can intelligently discuss the case and prepare a defense.
  • Although often a case may be “plea bargained” in your best interests, I am willing to go to trial and fight any case on your behalf.  I do not rush out to negotiate a “Plea.”  That is usually the last resort.
  • If you are in custody, I visit with you on a regular basis.  One of the worst things that can happen to a person accused of a crime is to sit in jail and wonder what his lawyer is doing, only to find out at Court.  I have seen that happen far too often, and I will not let that happen to you.


Before I will agree to represent a client, I meet with that person.  At this initial meeting, I will collect some very basic information about the case and you will be able to ask general questions regarding your case and my service.  When a person is in custody, of course, they do not have access to money to retain an attorney.  Usually a family member, loved one, or friend comes to me to discuss their case.  If it appears that they are in a position to retain or hire me, I visit with the prospective client to make certain that he or she is interested in having me represent him or her.  Following such a meeting I will then agree to accept payment to represent that person.

If you decide to retain  me as your defense attorney, you must sign a retainer agreement.  It is required of Attorney’s that all Fee Agreements be in writing, and that the client receive a copy of the agreement.  The retainer agreement will detail my obligations to you as a client and your obligations to the Firm during the course of your representation.  The specific terms and fees set forth in the retainer agreement are determined on a case-by-case basis based on the facts of your case.

I never make promises about the outcome of any case. Any lawyer who does is making a huge mistake.  Furthermore, it’s simply unethical to do so according to the professional rules of conduct all attorney’s are governed by. The only promises that I make are that the Client will know what is taking place, that I am their “zealous advocate” who is not afraid to be on their side, and that they will always be able to communicate with me.  Far too often a client has an idea about what they want to happen, only to be disappointed because their attorney did not know enough about their case, and made statements to them based upon what the client knew about the facts.  Please understand that a case is based upon what the witnesses and the police say has happened, and then whether there is a way of disproving those alleged facts.  Although every defendant is entitled to the “presumption of innocence,” which means the he or she is innocent until proven guilty, human nature dictates otherwise.  Most people believe just the opposite, and it is every defense lawyer’s responsibility to not only challenge all of the evidence, but to attempt to find ways of disproving any such evidence.

One must remember that the prosecution has many advantages.  Far more often than not, the prosecution will file charges when they have all of the evidence first and all of the witnesses first.  They have the largest investigative agencies working for them (the police), and they work for the largest law firm in the city.  Their resources are virtually unlimited.  The defendant has me and my investigator.  The odds are against a defendant from the beginning, and that is why it is critical that I do my job thoroughly and competently.


Criminal Law is an area of law which, more than other areas of law, requires knowledge and skill but also compassion and understanding.  Due to the nature of the practice, clients often seek my assistance during a difficult and emotional time in their lives.  I recognize this and strive to provide both exemplary legal services and positive client relationships.  I am committed to giving each client the personal attention they need in each case.  Absent any unforeseen circumstances, I will personally appear at every court date on your behalf.

Also, if you’re in custody, (and I understand that being in custody is not the ideal situation), preparing an adequate defense often takes more time than the sixty days from arraignment in Superior Court, and many times cases get continued.  I make certain that my clients understand what is taking place, and why I need more time, if that is the situation.  I do not stall cases just for the sake of doing so.

Perhaps most importantly, I only accept a limited number of clients at a time and provide each client with the utmost in service and accessibility. I pride myself on ‘leaving no stone unturned’ in each case I take on. I never take short cuts. My belief is that by limiting the number of clients that I represent at a time, I’m able to represent each client in the manner that they deserve to be represented.


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