Violent Crimes

Charged with a Violent Crime?

If you have been arrested or charged with a violent crime, you should contact Damian Siwek, an experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney, at DCS Defense immediately to schedule a no-cost confidential consultation to discuss your legal options.  Penalties for violent crimes are incredibly harsh because they usually result in an injured person and sometimes death.  They include any crime in which the offender uses or threatens the use of violent force on the victim. Violent crimes can be committed with or without weapons.

Violent Crimes Lawyer In Los Angeles

Some examples of violent crimes are:

• Murder

• Manslaughter

• Attempted murder

• Rape

• Sexual battery

• Domestic violence

The seriousness of these crimes will result in very serious penalties, if convicted. You could spend many years in prison and could even receive a life sentence.  A conviction of this kind can destroy your future and create a significantly negative impact on your family.  The sooner we can get to work on your case the better your chances are for a positive outcome. We will meet with you for a free consultation to discuss your exact situation and we can then advise you on your options and the best defense strategy for your case.

For aggressive and effective representation against violent crime charges, including a free confidential consultation, contact Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Damian Siwek at DCS Defense.