Juvenile Crimes

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles: Juvenile Crimes

If your child has been arrested for any type of criminal behavior, you need to do everything possible to stop the case from going any further.  With a swift and discreet resolution of the charges, your family can focus on correcting the behavior and getting back on the right path.  But if you fail to prevent prosecution and sentencing, your family will have to live through a highly disruptive experience and your child may be forced to undergo an experience that will have life-long repercussions.  Being arrested is bad enough, but facing prosecution and sentencing at a young age can be emotionally traumatic and could negatively affect your child’s future.

Most minors who are arrested for a crime will be sent to the juvenile delinquency court.  The judge will hear the evidence, and a conviction is referred to as “sustaining the petition.”  Your child will receive a disposition, which is the juvenile court term for a sentence, and this could include probation, community service or detention in the Division of Juvenile Justice.  The disposition depends on the severity of the crime, such as disturbing the peace, fake IDs or being drunk in public.

Juvenile Criminal Penalties

Perhaps more terrifying is the possibility that your child’s case will be referred to adult criminal court.  Before that can happen, a ‘fitness hearing’ is conducted to determine if the child is suitable to be tried as an adult.  This occurs usually when the alleged crime is more serious, such as charges for assault, DUI, robbery, or vehicular manslaughter.  A conviction under these circumstances could mean years in prison and a criminal record for life for your child.

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