Drunk In Public

Drunk in Public Charges?

California Penal Code §647(f) states that anyone found intoxicated or under the influence of drugs and, “unable to exercise care for his or her own safety or the safety of others, or … interferes with or obstructs or prevents the free use of any street, sidewalk, or other public way,” can be arrested and charged with being drunk in public.  The burden is therefore on the prosecution to prove in these cases that the person was acting as a public nuisance or hazard, and not just that they were intoxicated in a public place.

Drunk in public is a misdemeanor that potentially carries with it up to 6 months in a county jail, probation, and a maximum $1,000 fine.  There are cases where law enforcement officers arrest someone for being drunk in public, when in fact that person can actually care for his or her safety or the safety of others.  There are cases where the police will arrest a person for drunk in public without grounds, in order to search the person for illegal weapons or other illicit items.  It takes competent criminal defense to compile and analyze all the facts involved, and bring a favorable outcome for the accused in this type of case.

If you have been charged with being drunk in public, these are serious charges, and you are urged to contact Damian Siwek at DCS Defense immediately to ensure you take the best steps towards protecting your future.  Dunk in public cases can be very tricky, and we understand how to aggressively and thoroughly explore the different legal angles necessary to bring about favorable outcomes for our clients.

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