Counterfeit Goods Charges in Los Angeles

Crimes related to counterfeit goods are considered extremely serious.  In some cases, counterfeiting can result in federal charges and the levying of steep criminal penalties. If you are being accused of or charged with a counterfeit goods offense, it is imperative that you contact Damian Siwek, a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney at DCS Defense who will protect your rights while pursuing the reduction or elimination of your charges.

California Penal Code Section §350 makes it illegal to produce, distribute, or possess counterfeit goods, or knowingly use counterfeit currency.  In this case, “counterfeit goods” can refer to any false or illegal copy of an item, such as retail goods, medical documents, prescriptions, and checks.  The penalties for counterfeiting vary according to the nature of the crime.  Typically, you will face large fines and a substantial period of incarceration.  If you are convicted of counterfeiting U.S. currency, you can be punished with up to 20 years in prison.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

In most instances, investigators can tell the difference between an unknowing or honest mistake, and the willful intent to deceive through the use of counterfeit goods. However, this is not always the case, and it is possible that you could be unfairly accused of committing a counterfeiting offense.  At DCS Defense, we will conduct a comprehensive investigation into the charges against you, in an effort to determine if your rights were violated, or if you were arrested and charged in error.

For aggressive and effective representation against counterfeit charges, including a free confidential consultation, contact Los Angeles criminal defense attorney Damian Siwek at DCS Defense.