Case Results

People v. CH

Client charged with 1st time DUI in Los Angeles, with a BAC of .07.

Case Dismissed

People v. AO

Juvenile charged with 2 counts of second degree robbery under CPC §211, plus a gun enhancement under CPC 12022.5(a).  Client was facing maximum exposure of 10+ years in state prison.

Suspended sentence, home on probation, case dismissed upon completion of probation.

People v. AG

Client charged with felony assault with a firearm under CPC §245(a)(2), felony criminal threats under CPC §422(a), plus a gun enhancement under CPC §12022.5(a). Client facing 17 year maximum exposure in state prison.

Not Guilty

People v. RP

Client charged with misdemeanor domestic violence under CPC 273.5(a).

Case dismissed

People v. LC

Client charged with felony corporal injury under CPC §273.5(a) and felony false imprisonment by violence under CPC §236.


People v. JB

Client charged with first time DUI in Whittier with a BAC of .12.

Reduced to wet reckless under CVC §23103 per §23103.5 with reduced fines.

Restraining Order Against JR

Girlfriend of client made several accusations against client alleging physical abuse, rape, terrorizing, threats with knife, vandalism and theft.

Restraining Order denied.

People v. LA

In a prior case, client pled to one count of felony corporal injury to spouse under CPC §273.5(a). Client was unaware of immigration consequences which placed him in removal proceedings. Successfully argued motion to withdraw plea and negotiated to modify charge to a misdemeanor simple domestic battery §243(e)(1)

People v. AC

Client charged with 2nd time DUI in Santa Ana, with a BAC of .16.  Client had just pled to first time DUI 3 months prior before picking up a second DUI.

No Jail Time.  Client received house arrest.